We can provide a ceilidh band for all events and budgets, and have experience of playing everything from large festivals to far more intimate events. Please do contact us if anything you’re looking for is not listed here.


Ceilidh 4-piece band with caller

Our most popular option, with two melody instruments and guitar
The popular trio band plus separate caller packs a punch in terms of sound and value for money. The line-up will typically consist of fiddle, accordion and guitar. A caller is included to talk you and your guests through all of the dances.


Ceilidh 3-piece band with caller

For more intimate events
A duo band featuring fiddle or accordion with guitar backing, this small (yet perfectly-formed) band is ideal for more intimate events where there are constraints on space and/or budget. Again, a caller is included in the package to talk everyone through the moves within the dance.


Ceilidh Big Band With Caller

Perfect for larger parties and festivals
Adding bass guitar, drums – and sometimes extra fiddles – to the line-up gives an incredibly high-energy band for larger functions and festivals. Please contact us now to discuss your requirements and your ideal ceilidh band!